Dragon/Knight thumbnail revisions

I did a lot of thumbnail exploration for the knight/dragon action fight scene. I took Rad's feedback, and tried to make this part more fun and milked some stuff here and there.

I still need to do a few more subtle edits, nothing major or worth posting, before moving onto the finished boards. But those will be put on hold for a couple weeks as I polish up my sci-fi story. I'll be redoing these in tv-style storyboard format, cleaning them up, working on the acting, and submitting them to the Nick Storyboard Track program.

Wish me luck!


Thumbnails for new story

Here are the finished/edited thumbnails for the new story that I'll be moving forward with for my storyboarding class with Rad. This is a much simpler story with less locations, less characters and less characters. But it also has more actions and more heart. I think it's a much better story sequence for my portfolio. Comes to a little more than 80 panels which leaves me a few extra panels if I need them when doing the final boards.

Monster Movie finished thumbs

Here are the final thumbnails for my Monster Movie story. I've decided not to go forward with this story for my storyboarding class, because it's simply too big. The assignment was for an 85-100 panel sequence, and this one is close to 200. Even with editing it'll only get down to about 180. Also, I feel this piece relies on too much dialogue. I just don't think it'll work as a good portfolio piece.