Finally posting some artwork. I've been out of it for far too long, so I'll try to upload stuff on a regular basis. I forgot how much I enjoy and love drawing, so I'll be very active!

So what's been going on with me? I've spent the last few years as a 3D character/environment/prop artist in the game industry. I've worked on a bunch of titles, including Fable 2, Borderlands, Guitar Hero 2, Rock Band, etc. I was getting a burned out with 3D freelancing, so I moved over to being a UI Artist at Microsoft. Other than work stuff, I've gotten married (nearly 2 years now) and have a baby boy, Wesley, who's nearly 1 :)

I have my work cut out for me. I have lots to learn, and I'm super eager to do so. I really need to work on my visual storytelling abilities, so I've enrolled in Rad SeChrist's online storyboarding class. Can't wait for the term to start. And yes, I'll be posting my assignments here for all to see.

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