Storyboard Homework Assignment 1 - Movie Studies

Here are some movie studies I did for the Rad Sechrist's storyboarding class I'm taking.

I did a couple shots from Scott Pilgrim and Back to the Future. I found myself noodling around too much with the first Scott Pilgrim assignment. Just focusing my attention on detail and cleanup that wasn't needed. This made the boarding process take extra long. By the time I got to the Back to the Future boards I was letting loose a little more and found I was accomplishing a lot more in a lot less time. I think I learned a bunch so far, just from doing these quick movie studies :)


Karina McBeth said...

These are awesome! I love the Back to the Future ones :)

Mel Milton said...

killer boards!!! yer stuff rocks

Lou Holsten said...

Karina - Thanks! Yeah, the Back to the Future boards were a lot of fun to do.

Mel - Thank you. And thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Really appreciate it :)