Storyboard Week 4-5 Homework

Here are some of my thumbnails from the last couple weeks of my storyboard class. I spent the majority of my time in week 4 working on the story. I made created my story beats, and from that I beat out my panels. This helped out tremendously when moving on to actually drawing the thumbnails for week 5.

For the first set of thumbs, I found myself zoomed in and adding detailing and fussing with things I didn't need to. I also had the size control for my brush set to pen pressure so I could get thin and thick lines. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. I spent too much time drawing the first set of thumbs. For the second set, I forced myself to stay zoomed out. I also turned off the pen pressure for sizing of the brush and stayed at a constant brush size of 3px. This sped up my thumbnailing speed exponentially!

I still have about 30ish thumbs to do. Then I'll be editing what I have. There are a few shots/actions that just aren't needed and some that need to be refined a bit. Then I'll flesh out the character designs so that I can move onto actually boarding these out before my next class.

Story Beat Sheet:

1)  Opening Image (1)
a)     The hero, who’s soaked and looks defeated, enters his room which is covered in horror film paraphernalia.
2)  Theme Stated (5)
a)     You hear the hero’s father say “Why do you let them pick on you?” The hero replies “I don’t LET them!” Then the father says “I don’t know how you’re going to survive school if you don’t stand up for yourself.” In which the hero sarcastically responds to himself “Gee, thanks for the advice, dad. Problem solved.”
3)  Set-Up (1-10)
a)     Hero is weak and helpless.
b)    Bullies are mentioned in conversation.
c)     Hero’s friend calls him.
4)  Catalyst (12)
a)     Hero’s friend calls him about hanging out and shooting their horror film that night. Friend says he found someone to be in the film and will meet them there.
5)  Debate (12-25)
a)     t’s late and the hero has to decide if he wants to risk getting in trouble by sneaking out, and decides that he needs to.
6)  Break Into Two (25)
a)     The hero decides to sneak out, via his bedroom window, and shoot his movie in the cemetery.
7)  B Story (30)
a)     Hero meets up with friend, who says he’s sorry about the bullies says “what are you going to do about it.
8)  Fun and Games (30-55)
a)     Hero and friend run around the cemetery, goofing around, scaring each other, and finding cool shots for their film.
9)  Mid Point (55)
a)     Hero finds a tomb that would be perfect place for the vampire’s lair.
10)  Bad Guys Close In (55-75)
a)     After the Hero’s friend walks away to get some supplies, the bullies enter the cemetery. The Hero hears noises outside of the tomb.
11)  All Is Lost (75)
a)     Hero looks out the tomb and notices the bullies are close by.
12)  Dark Night of the Soul (75-85)
a)     Hero is scared and feels trapped. The bullies are close, they’re going to find him and beat him up. And there’s nothing he can do about it because they’re bigger and stronger than him.
13)  Break Into Three (85)
a)     A boy appears out of nowhere (must be the kid that his friend mentioned) and the Hero realizes he has the upper hand. Horror is his thing, the cemetery his set, and lights and make-up will get the job done.
14)  Finale (85-110)
a)     Hero lights the tomb and puts makeup on, turning himself into a zombie.
b)     As the bullies enter the tomb, the lights go on and the hero tries to scare them. The boy appears behind him and scares them more, by looking like a huge skeletal ghost.
c)     The bullies run away screaming.
d)    The hero’s friend returns, talking about the bullies running away screaming madly.
e)     Hero’s friend says they can’t film tonight because he friend wasn’t able to come, but who helped them? We see the boy’s name on the coffin, or we see him phase in/out of the coffin.
15)  Final Image (110)
a)     Hero stands up to the bullies and learns that ghosts are real.


Mel Milton said...

dood thanks for sharing cause Im hoping to tackle this very subject one day.

Ive always been afraid of it..

Soooo nice! You rock. AL :)ways look forward to seeing your posts

Lou Holsten said...

Wow! Thanks Mel :)

I've always been afraid too, but I've always wanted to tackle it. So I just had to take Rad Sechrist's online storyboarding class when I found out about it. It's been fantastic! I'm learning tons about story and drawing, and about myself as an artist and a storyteller.

I'm sure you could handle this stuff, Mel. And I hope to see some storyboarding from you in the future!