Storyboard Homework Assignment 2 - Thumbnails

These are thumbnails for my storyboarding class assignment this week. I did a few more panels than I needed, but I’m trying to get a good grasp of everything I’m learning. Hopefully, I’ll have time to pretty these up.


Storyboard Homework Assignment 1 - Movie Studies

Here are some movie studies I did for the Rad Sechrist's storyboarding class I'm taking.

I did a couple shots from Scott Pilgrim and Back to the Future. I found myself noodling around too much with the first Scott Pilgrim assignment. Just focusing my attention on detail and cleanup that wasn't needed. This made the boarding process take extra long. By the time I got to the Back to the Future boards I was letting loose a little more and found I was accomplishing a lot more in a lot less time. I think I learned a bunch so far, just from doing these quick movie studies :)


Matthias design

My first storyboarding class with Rad Sechrist was last night and it was great! I learned a ton :)

I'm doing a short storyboard sequence this week, but first I need a couple character designs. Anthony Holden did a great Redwall piece last week, which inspired me to buy and read the book (never heard of it before). Started reading it last night and there's a sequence in the first chapter that I think would be fun to storyboard out with what I've learned so far. Since Redwall has been illustrated and had an animated series, I didn't want to use the same designs, so I decided to redesign the characters I need as humans. So, here's my first pass at Matthias as a human boy, carrying apples instead of hazelnuts.


Dipper fixed and colored

I fixed up Dipper's arms and hands to be more inline with the model sheets. I wanted to stay as true as I could to the show's style. As for the color, I cheated a bit and actually color-picked from the show, because I wanted it to be fairly accurate. I included the sketch, which originally started very loose, but I just kept noodling around with it and chipping things out here and there (like sculpting) to get what I was after. I don't normally sketch this way. It took much longer, but it was still fun.


Dipper Inks

Dipper all inked up. I was practicing drawing Dipper last night for an illustration I want to do. I also need to practice Mabel and Grunkle Stan. I started refining the sketch so much that I decided to just ink it properly. I may even plop on some color later.



Some quick hair doodles from ref. Lots of fun! I'll definitely be doing more of these.



I've always been pretty annoyed when people text or play with their phones in any way while they're walking around the hallways. Mainly because I'm behind them and their phone usage causes them to walk slow as a zombie. This morning, I caught myself doing the same thing. For shame!


Zuko practice

Practicing drawing Zuko, when he was in Ba Sing Se, for a project I have in mind.


Blood N' Fur

Blood N’ Fur… sorry, but that’s a cool title. Sounds like a wicked metal band.